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03/07/2011 / chapelleiro



This mad, mad world is madder than the hatter
that Alice came upon.
Everything is crazy and upside down.
Sanity seems to be gone.
We can’t institutionalize all that we find,
even though they’ve lost their mind.
If we could there’d be some jobs
tending to these incompetent snobs.

Well so much for the above
for none of it’s from love.
There is so much more to what we’re about.
It’s right there in front of us.
We need to seek it out.
The everyday things that don’t cost a cent,
like flowers and trees and what is meant
when you love someone and they love you.
We must connect with silence and quiet the noise,
something that most of us never do.
We must hear a song and sing along
and hum if we forget the words.
We should fish in streams where the water rushes
and feel the hit
and hear the birds
twittering and whistling their song.

If you are caught up in the material world
that was created for us all.
Then you’ve lost what your life was meant to be
and you will surely fall
into the mad, mad hatter’s domain.
And that’s where they’d like us
all to remain.

Poem by EDWINA REIZER/ Image by SugarSnail.


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